Tobacco Absolute Ethyl Maltol Menthol (10%) PG carrier Sour (20%) Sweetener (sucralose) Juicy Peach Dulce De Leche Peanut Butter Tobacco flavor Dragon Fruit Vanilla Cupcake Vanilla Swirl French Vanilla Caramel Cappuccino Boysenberry Absinthe Koolada Strawberry (ripe) Ripe Banana My blog on the ECF Forum-
In this Vapor Trails NW video, Matt reviews 3 strawberries- Strawberries & Cream by Capella, Sweet Strawberry by Capella, and Strawberry from The Perfumer’s Apprentice/The Flavorer’s apprentice. Check it out to see which one is right for you!
What up there Youtube, Got another Video for you guys. In this Video i do a quick unboxing and first impression of Flavors from (The Flavor Apprentice). Sorry for saying i got it from “Flavor West” Just to clear up some facts, if your interested in being a Beta Tester for my ejuice line you need to go like the Facebook Page (Bluemont~Vapes) and reblog it to your Facebook page as well. it’s going to be about a month before i have any real results that i would be willing to send out. ( It should also be noted that [More]
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I got a SWEET deal on this juice. It’s a great juice for a great price. The fact that it’s not super sweet is what I like about it. Check it out @ Follow me on Twitter @
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This is Spot On! You need to go to and get the Bit O Honey from Dawn! This is the BOMB!!! Smells like it (in the wrapper) and the taste is just like your chewing on some Bit O Honey..
This was by far the best Banana Cream flavored Juice I have had. I 2 others that were either flat with no taste or hardly any banana, just cream, if it was cream. Wasn’t to me. This you can go to and pick yourself up some if you like Banana Cream Pie or just Banana. I highly recommend this flavor and now its my #3 vape.This would be very good for a night time vape while relaxing in front of the tv watchig a movie or something else. Dawn is VERY good at ALL the flavors she makes and [More]
DIY Flavor shack review. I had a bit of a cold so my voice sounds super weird.
South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cigarette (Regular Tobacco Flavor) Check out our Facebook page – enter to win a South Beach Smoke Starter Kit: South Beach Smoke Review:
Secondary Electronic Cigarette Liquid Peach Flavor 55ML
Secondary Electronic Cigarette Liquid Cherry Flavor 55ML