The other flavor that comes in the express kit by The Magic Mist is Tobacco, very comparable to a Winston full flavored cigarette, big bold strong and appealing, TH (throat hit) big, harsh, warm, a little bit of vanilla undertones coming out helps with the conjunction of the taste, vapor production just like with the menthol as with their name The Magic Mist is a very good vapor, big vapor production, lots of vapor, overall a very good tobacco flavor, simply a good alternative for smokers of regular tobacco products. – The Magic Mist Express Kit Product Page Shout [More]
Again, you all need to go to and get some Pineapple. This is very good with lots of vapor, flavor, sweet and tart at the same time. Very unusaul to have that in an Ejuice. DIY Flavor Shack keeps comming up with a home run with the flavors I get and a lot of vaporers say the same thing. Dawn is the QUEEN OF FLAVOR!! Now go to her web site and get some!!!!!!!
Go to OR and try Dawns Rum Pound Cake eliquid. This Liquid ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like eating the buttery Pound Cake with REAL RUM poured over the top of it just right after comming out of the oven. This was so good… Yes I said was, its ALL gone now! Have to get more!!! This was SPOT ON! Now to goe to the video… Remember to go to OR and pick up a bottle of Dawn’s Rum Pound Cake eliquid!!
go to or and get the Pound Cake Orangy Flavored liquid. I couldn’t believe the FLAVOR of this liquid..I just about melted from the delicous Orange and buttery flavoring and really, I cannot stop vaping this now.. This is soooooooo good.. Dawn will have the Pound Cake Bundle and every one of the flavors in it is FANTASTIC!!Watch for the other Reviews on the Pound Cake flavors..
I BOUGHT all of these, waited a good 1-2 weeks to let them steep. The flavors are: Mt. Dew, Cherry Cola, Wintergreen, Almond Joy, Coconut Cream Pie, Honey Tobacco, Hazelnut Tobacco, Cowboy Killer, 555, and RY4
Menu for Vermillion Vapors in Tampa Florida. We feature Fuzion Vapor and Mom and Pop Vapor Shop e-liquids. We are opening soon at 17512 Dona Michelle Drive, Tampa Fl, 33647. Located directly off I-75 and Bruce B. Downs Blvd!
3 out of many great flavors sent to from for review. These are spot flavors. *Please Note: All flavor reviews are subjective and may vary. What I taste, may be different from what you taste. With that said, these flavors taste as what they are described to be and linger for a while on your pallet after the exhale. *Strawberry Milkshake *Rootbeer Candy *Monster Punch
Check out all my videos and subscribe! Check out EC Smokes online! Check out my Cig Review Channel Check out my sons Hookah Review Channel If you have something that you would like me to review, or maybe something for my Vaping Channel or Skyler’s Hookah Channel you can send it to us and we will review it! If you just want to send over a thank you note, or maybe a little something something, feel free to do so! Please make sure it is in a factory sealed package, and include any information that we [More]
Go to OR Dawn did an excellent job on mixing these two flavors, Strawberry and Cotton Candy together. WOW!! Absolutely delicious.. The taste is just amazing… The strawberry and cotton candy taste like heaven as I vaped it.. I went thru 10ml in just one day.. Remember to go to either www.ecigsmokestore or to get some.
This is a very nice juice. Some say its like Bazooka Joes, I say its Double Bubble (smell) and taste like Bubble Yum. I highly recommend this as it is refreshing and makes you feel like you are chewing the gum.
A quick review of the Green Smoke menthol cartridge. With a distinct spearmint taste, this is a must try for e-cig aficionados who like menthol.
Strong cherry candy taste. Makes a great cherry cough drop when mixed with menthol.