In this video I mix Fruit Circles flavor concentrate (Froot Loops) from The Flavor Apprentice with 0 percent nicotine and 100vg to which made a bottle of 85vg15pg Make sure to take you bottle out of a hot water bath after the water has cooled down.
This juice turned out SO WELL!!! I vaped 4 ml’s of it before it even made it into the Crock Pot, lol. 30 ml recipe (I did the dirty work for you and got it up to a proper 30 ml batch instead of the 26 or so you saw in the vid): (All drops are 45 drops per ml) 24 ml’s of VG For 6 mg’s nic: 1.8 ml’s 100mg/ml nicotine VG solution For 3 mg’s nic: .9 ml’s 100mg/ml nicotine VG solution and .9 ml VG 74 Drops Flavour Art Strawberry 28 Drops The Flavor Apprentice Ripe Strawberry [More]
ClearDraw E Cig cartridges from give you an window to reveal the amount of E-Lixr remaining. The RealSoft tip design is comfortable against your lips and 33% lighter than previous cartridge designs.
Go to OR and try the Zesty Lemon Pound Cake. This isn’t sour or tart. Has just the right amount os tartness and sweetness all mixed into one. This is way good. I like this flavor too much. So much, I ended up useing it all up with in three days. This was also zero nic and I need my nic. LOL Remember to go to OR and grab the eliquid. You will be so glad you did!!
Go to for this GREAT flavored eliquid, Donut Holes. This has the taste of the DD Munchkins airey doughnut hole reg with the sugar icing. The flavor melts in your mouth and its not too sweet. I couldn’t believe the great taste it leave’s on the palitte and no after taste. No chemical taste either and thats important as some flavors do this. This is a Home Run for Dawn and I love it and highly recommend this for everyone. So, go to OR and get some… – Click link to your left to read our more in-depth review on this Voodoo e juice. The name just sounds cool, so why? First off this e juice flavor is mainly tobacco with a sugar and spice kick. Pretty nice! Learn more about this *Voodoo* below: After vaping it for a few hits I come to realize WHY they call this e-liquid “voodoo”. Because each time you hit it, the flavor changes and plays sneaky tricks with your mind… Some hits will get more sweet and some will get more spice and some will get more tobacco [More]
This electronic cigarette has the obvious effect to reduce smoking frequency
This electronic cigarette has the obvious effect to reduce smoking frequency
Here is my review of the local vape shop’s line of e-juice named Zen Juice, with the flavor Orange Creamsicle! Check it out and when you get a chance, head over and check them out! Delco vapes is located in Delaware county PA. Great customer service and fantastic tasting juices!
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