ClearDraw E Cig cartridges from give you an window to reveal the amount of E-Lixr remaining. The RealSoft tip design is comfortable against your lips and 33% lighter than previous cartridge designs.
Een review van de Flavor Vapes in de smaak cherry. Te koop voor rond de 10 euro bij de primera. Volg me op twitter en instagram. Twitter: Instagram: Custom Content: The Square Smoke seems to be best as an introduction to vaping for newbies, and as such it does its job very well. It is maintenance free and totally unfussy as to how it is used. Thus it’s about as close to a whip-it-out-and-light-it equivalent of an analog as I’ve found. Taverns in states where smoking is prohibited should sell about a bazillion of these things. Pick up yours today and experience the difference. Testimonial: I had to switch smoking to keep my job in a medical facility. And my sister told me to try square 82 [More]
Big Big disappointment , smells amazing but taste like crap
Okay, this is good when you start off vaping it. But I have a bit of a problem, it seems to me that there is a bit of alcohol at the end of when you finish vaping this. What I mean is when you need to refill your cart, you will get an alcohol flavor right at the end, just before you have to refill the cart and thats not to good in my book. Just MHO and I believe this is from the flavoring. I do recommend this, just have to be careful that you don’t vape this one [More] A song for Dawn at DIYFlavorShack to celebrate her birthday!
I love Black Forest Cake and try to have that for my B’day every year. If you love that cake too and would love to vape this like me? Well, just go to and get Dawn there to make it for you.. They have this Flavor now and it is SPOT ON! Trust me, the Review I do on it doesn’t do it justice.. You need to go to and got this juice and Vape this for yourself!! It’s that DAMN GOOD..
Go to to grb the BEST English Toffee in the WORLD!!! Thats right, in the world! This is so good, I almost gave this a perfect score in everything.I believe I didn’t give this a 10 in the Throat Hit dept. Everything else is a 10. Nce mix of flavors and lots of vapor. Smells great. Another winner by Dawn @ DIY Flavor Shack!
The Flavor Apprentice Jalapeno Flavor Concentrate.(TFA) Oily separation. E liquid. Looks like a lava lamp.
Diy nicjuice flavor concentrate review The Flavor Apprentice from